Sunday, September 03, 2006


Project Runway

I saw project runway the other day and I thought it was really good. One plus was of course that Heidi Klum is the hose and she is beyond goreous. I just sat a few ads in a magazine with her wearing reading gl;asses and shes looked simply beautiful. Most models in sexy lingerie and amazing fashion show outfits cant even compare to how good the simple head shows look with a smile. Also, project runway is kind of interesting because of the contestants. one guy is a total asshole, one guy is an older gentlemen, there is a woman in what appear sto e late thirties from europe, a black guy who is rather young andsome older owman. maybe late thirties or fourty. the asshole guy is a total prick. fashion people are funny because high fashion is so wacky. these things they designed were just hideous. look at some of the celebrities who are considerd to have great style and make the people most beautiful list every year. they dont wear this shit. george clooney, brad pitt, etc. they all wear normal clothes, pull off an amazoing asense of style and people think they look good. the people who wear this fashion probably never wear it anywhere but on the runway.

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